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surrogacy in kenyaSurrogacy in Kenya is unregulated i.e. there isn’t any existing legal framework or legislation for surrogacy in the country.

Yet, given the exceptional medical facilities, cheap surrogacy cost, and well-rained medical professionals; the country stays a preferred surrogacy destination for a number of surrogacy-seeking couples across the globe.

As you proceed with your first step towards surrogacy in Kenya, you must take every concerning factor and element into consideration. By doing that, you can keep your journey free of any legal or general issue at large at Kenya surrogacy agency.

Is it legal to pursue surrogacy in Kenya?

Although Kenyan family law grants everyone the freedom to establish a family within the ethical context of Kenyan culture and society, there is no official legal framework in place regulating surrogacy.

This is why, every year, the nation attracts a large number of couples from all over the world who are permitted to participate in a surrogacy program regardless of their sexual orientation.

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Meanwhile, this bill specifies two essential elements of surrogacy in Kenya: the right to gestational surrogacy and the agreement between the surrogate and intended parents. Besides, the consent of both parties and the child’s genetic makeup are two fundamental components of this law.

Moreover, the schedule for the surrogate mother’s fertilization is specifically described in this law. Additionally, it has been stated that community health workers, medical professionals, nurses, and clinical officers will work together to deliver maternity care of the highest quality possible.

This truly affirms that the standard of medical care and support is top-notch in Kenya and one need not worry much while going by their surrogacy aspirations in the country.

Searching for the best Surrogate mother in Kenya

Surrogacy clinics in KenyaAs you kick start your journey related to surrogacy in Kenya, you first need to find the most appropriate surrogate mother for your specific requirements.

Being an intended parent, you must know that in Kenya, it is simple to find surrogate mothers because of the country’s extreme poverty and lack of viable employment opportunities for young women.

So, you need not toil hard while finding the most suitable match for your surrogacy-related requirements.

That said, one needs to be careful and cautious regarding the search, screening, and matching of a surrogate mother in Kenya.

There are a few requirements that a surrogate mother must meet before being accepted into a program:

  • She must be within the best maternity age group of 22-35 years
  • She ought to be a parent herself, with at least one child, and have no complications during or prior to childbirth.
  • No addiction to any harmful substances ( like smoking or alcohol )
  • She should be in good physical and mental health, understand the procedure, and be aware of her obligations to the program.
  • Have passed all medical and psychological testing, be in good mental health, and be free of any STDs
  • No prior history of abortion or miscarriage.
  • If married, written consent from the husband is required regarding the surrogacy process in Kenya
  • For better monitoring and a higher success rate, she must be willing to remain in the surrogate home for the entire pregnancy period
  • She ought to be driven not only by financial considerations but also by a desire to help a family conceive a child.
  • Must be willing to clear through the required tests and screenings to confirm her eligibility at surrogacy clinics in Kenya

How about surrogacy for Gay couples in Kenya?

Kenya is equally supportive of all individuals and couples seeking surrogacy, regardless of their sexual orientation. As a result, labeling it a homophobic nation is unreasonable. To prevent falling into the wrong hands, you must choose the finest agency for surrogacy for gay couples in Kenya.

Thousands of couples have benefited from Kenya Surrogacy Agency’s excellent surrogacy services in recent years. We will support and assist you at every stage of your surrogacy adventure, from leading you to the optimal surrogacy plan to handing over your newborn.

Some facts about surrogacy agencies in Kenya!

  • Surrogate mothers prefer to remain with their parents during the maternity period, allowing prospective parents to save money on surrogacy in Kenya.
  • The birth certificate of a newborn kid would include the citizenship of the biological parents, according to Kenya’s reproductive healthcare bill.
  • Under existing procedures, the intended parents’ names would be listed on the birth certificate, but they would still have to petition the court for legal custody of the child. The intended parents will need to get a parental order in order to return the kid to their native country because the surrogate mother will remain the child’s legal mother.
  • Because surrogacy is unregulated in Kenya, you must be extremely careful and cautious while choosing a surrogacy agency.

Surrogacy Cost in Kenya

Kenya appears to be the most popular surrogacy destination for all international parents, with cost-effective surrogacy programs undoubtedly playing a key role. Surrogacy cost in Kenya around between $30000 and $50000, which covers all costs and expenditures related to a surrogate mother agency in Kenya.

Additionally, intending parents are allowed to bring in their own sperm donors, egg donors, and embryos.

Even if you are sure of having a child through a surrogacy agency in Kenya, you must do some research and analysis beforehand. Then you must locate a reliable surrogacy agency in Kenya that possesses all of the requisite knowledge and experience.

Surrogacy agency Kenya: your true partner in your child-seeking journey!

At Surrogacy Agency Kenya, we are an experienced team of skilled medical professionals and consultants. We are entirely devoted to bringing you the most ethical and cost-effective surrogacy centre in Kenya, with over 15 years of expertise and a team of qualified medical and legal specialists at our back.

Contact one of our client service representatives today using one of the provided contact methods to reserve your free consultation slot!

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