Is surrogacy legal in Ukraine

Surrogacy laws in Ukraine

Surrogacy laws generally lay down the necessary guidelines and instructions for any intended parent before they even think of pursuing surrogacy in any given country. So, it is really crucial and critical for all such intended parents to take a detailed understanding of every such regulation and law in the best manner possible.

As far as surrogacy laws in Ukraine are concerned, the country has put through certain guidelines regarding who can or cannot pursue surrogacy within the legal territories of this famous European nation. Moreover, given its low-cost surrogacy options, Ukraine has become the preferred choice for thousands of international parents across the globe.

The top surrogacy facilities, surrogate mother organizations, and egg donation organizations in the country all support the surrogacy procedure. Besides, due to the participation of numerous local women, surrogacy cases are successfully handled without any complications or risks by various surrogacy agencies in the country.

On the other hand, since donor sperm and eggs are widely available and reasonably priced in Ukraine, finding a sperm or egg donor there is very easy for foreign intended parents. All of the country’s surrogacy clinics are connected to a number of dependable egg and sperm donors who swiftly fulfil the requirements.

is surrogacy legal in ukraineMoreover, all of the surrogate mothers employed here are accustomed to living in a safe and secure environment, and the nation has a high standard of living.

On the other side, all gestational carriers in Ukraine are qualified professionals who are fully aware of their responsibilities.

So, we can say that surrogacy is completely safe in Ukraine given you adhere to the laws of surrogacy in Ukraine.

Who, according to Ukraine surrogacy law is eligible for surrogacy?

There is a proper definition regarding who is eligible for surrogacy as per Ukraine surrogacy law. As per the regulations, only heterosexual couples (married or unmarried) are eligible for surrogacy programs in the country.

Moreover, the nation’s surrogacy law also stipulates that the intended parents of the child receive all of their rights immediately following birth. Besides, the birth certificate, which was issued by the authorities, also lists the intended parents as the child’s only legal parents. In addition, the surrogate mother is not allowed to have any control over the child once it is born.

The surrogacy mediator’s duties carry on after the baby is born. Actually, once the child is born, the surrogacy agency’s obligations grow. Additionally, you must follow all relevant legal procedures in order to transfer the child to the intended parents at this time while adhering to the law for surrogacy.

The surrogate mother is frequently regarded as the child’s legal guardian in nations where surrogacy is practised. Besides, the authority is later transferred to the intended parents via court documentation. Surrogacy laws in Ukraine are actually handled by a slow-moving bureaucratic legal system within a highly bureaucratic country like Ukraine.

Do Intended parents need to prove their eligibility for the surrogacy program?

The requirement as per Surrogacy laws in Ukraine that the intended parents’ marriage license and a number of other documents be attested by government representatives from the country in which they were married is, on the other hand, quite intriguing.

That said, it will be difficult for the intended parents to arrange the necessary permission documents if they have married nationals of a different country. Here is where a lot of people make the decision to disregard the legal complexities and seek the help of unsuitable agents who mislead them throughout the procedure.

Surrogacy laws

By failing to obtain the necessary legal documentation to bring the infant back to their home country, they make the biggest mistake of their lives at this point. Unauthorized agents take advantage of the situation the intended parents are in by promising those things they can’t deliver. Moreover, It is much more difficult for the intended parents to obtain a legal birth certificate for their surrogate child without the necessary paperwork.

The procedure must be completed in accordance with Ukrainian law regarding surrogacy, and the intended parents must obtain the documentation:

  • An application attesting to your familiarity with services exclusive to the clinic.
  • Passport copies, a marriage certificate with the Apostille stamp, and a Power of Attorney (POA) that has been notarized with the approval of the surrogate mother and the surrogacy agency in Ukraine
  • Evidence from the patient’s medical records or other surrogacy indicators proving their suitability for the Ukrainian surrogacy program
  • Proof that confirms that the intended parents are unable to conceive via natural ways and have to opt for surrogacy

Take the right legal guidance!

surrogacy lawsThere are only two ways out here for the intended parents: either to study the surrogate mother law in Ukraine by them or simply contact a legal professional or a reputed surrogacy center in Ukraine.

Well, if you choose to go with a surrogacy agency, we are here to help you with any given legal issues or complications during your surrogacy journey.

While having the best legal professional, IVF clinics, and egg donor or sperm donor agencies by our side, we are leaders in ART.

We take pride in being known as the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine. Therefore, all you need to do is get in touch with one of our coordinators, and the rest will be handled by our team of experts!

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