PGD for Genetic Screening

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

PGD treatment in KenyaPGD in Kenya (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis ) comes as one of the best diagnoses to discover any type of genetic defects or chromosomal deficiencies present in the Embryos. This can say to be the best procedure available to check the overall quality of the Embryo in regards to any genitival issues or problems attached to it during its Progress in the IVF cycle. It further determines the genetic assessment of an embryo which projects a clear picture of the

Embryo’s collection of chromosomes and their count in the embryo. We provide the best diagnosis for PGD in Kenya. While using this process, Doctors can detect any type of defect or deficiency present in the genes which can be transported to the embryo which is created and developed during the IVF fertility treatment, and take adequate measures within the specified time to stop its growth further.

Why PGD Treatment holds relevance in IVF Treatment?

  • PGD comes as the most favorable option while diagnosing any health issues in women which have gone through Multiple IVF tests
  • PGD generally comes over as the best available solution for women who have seen regular miscarriages.
  • It comes as the best treatment for women in their mid-thirties.
  • Women which have gone through regular constant embryo transfers without attaining pregnancy.
  • Women which are going through disturbed genetic and chromosomal counts during their pregnancy period can also get benefitted from this treatment.
  • Patients which are coming along with certain single-gene mutations required PGD if left untreated; this can impact the future of the child to a big extent.

PGD in Kenya

Advantages of PGD treatment

pgd in kenya

  • With the help of PGD, you can easily treat certain specific genetic disorders and chromosomal defects which may come over as big trouble for the patient during her Pregnancy Journey.
  • PGD supports the pre-implantation of the embryo into the woman’s uterus and ensures the safe delivery of the child along with the mother.
  • The child will be taking the birth without any genitival defects and flaws if PGD is used in the process.
  • PGD can help you eliminate any kind of defects in the Parental genes while diagnosing the same in due time.

Why you must choose us for PGD in Kenya?

At Surrogacy Kenya, you can only expect the best and most advanced treatment onboard with the help of some of the best Medical professionals around the world. We have tie-ups with many IVF fertility clinics around the world and have helped more than 600 couples to realize their dreams of having a baby in their families.

pgd treatment cost in Kenya

pgd in Kenya

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pgd treatment in kenya

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