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Surrogacy Agency in Georgia for Intended Parents and Surrogates

Surrogacy is a medical technique that is often facilitated by a legal arrangement that allows a woman to carry a child for a couple or intended parents.

This technique is often used in the case of an infertile couple or in a case where a woman, due to some medical problems, is unfit to conceive a child.

This has revolutionized medical science and provided hope for childless couples worldwide. Surrogacy Agency Kenya is out here to provide Gestational Surrogacy in Georgia to ensure that this facility can reach as many couples as possible in Georgia.

surrogacy clinic in Georgia

Surrogacy laws in Georgia

Georgia is one of the few countries besides countries like Ukraine that have somewhat lenient regulations with respect to Surrogacy. The only requirements that the laws demand are that the intended parents should be a heterosexual couple and the mother should be medically unable to carry a child.

Written consent from such parents is asked for before the steps for surrogacy can begin. Beyond that Georgia allows both altruistic and commercial surrogacy for both Georgian couples and international couples.

Also, there are minimal restrictions on agencies like ours in facilitating the process. Hence, we have stepped into Georgia to bring in our experience and make the overall experience satisfying and comfortable for couples seeking surrogacy clinic in Georgia.

How much does surrogacy cost in Georgia?

Georgia is a country that brings along surrogacy at a much lower cost than other European countries around. Tbilisi frequently spelled Tiflis, is the nation’s capital and largest city.

Besides, along with other international organizations, the nation is a member of the Council of Europe and the United Nations.

Given its top-notch medical facilities at extremely low prices, Georgia attracts the majority of intended parents from nations like India, the UK, the United States, and Canada. Contact us for more details on surrogacy cost in Georgia.

gestational surrogacy in Georgia

Moreover, Georgia’s surrogacy costs are extremely low when compared to those of other developed countries, which is one of the main reasons that thousands of child-seeking parents travel there each year for Gestational surrogacy in Georgia.

The intended parents will enter into an agreement in this regard once the surrogate signs a contract with full consent. Moreover, the agreement would specify the following: Payment to the surrogate; The legal process for obtaining parental rights; and communication between the parties during the course of the pregnancy.

On the other side, the rights and interests of those involved must be taken into consideration when drafting the agreement related to the surrogacy process in Georgia. The medical procedure may begin after you have approved the agreement and both parties have signed it. Moreover, the intended parents’ choice of surrogacy program will determine the cost of the procedure in Georgia.

surrogacy agency GeorgiaFor instance, gestational surrogacy entails the transfer of the intended parents’ embryo to the surrogate mother in Georgia, whereas traditional surrogacy uses IUI. IVF is therefore required to accomplish this during the surrogacy journey. After embryo transfer, the clinic will determine if you are pregnant while getting certain tests and diagnoses.

Moreover, the surrogate mother will collaborate with her obstetrician at the IVF clinic in Georgia throughout the rest of her pregnancy. Besides, parents must take the necessary legal precautions to protect their parental rights during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Legal considerations regarding Surrogacy Agreement Contract

Being an intended parent, you must know that it is essential that the parties sign a legalized contract agreement in front of the local notary because surrogacy laws in Georgia do not specifically address the surrogacy contract.

Moreover, the involved teams will be helped and assisted by the surrogacy attorney to establish legal documents addressing the expectations, surrogacy remuneration, obligation, process risk, and liabilities addressed prior to the medical procedure, which is the ultimate method of creating families.

Since 1997, Georgia has benefited from independent reproductive regulations, giving both domestic and international fertility seekers an equal chance as a result. Moreover, for couples looking to become parents through the surrogacy process in Georgia, the country is gradually developing into a brand-new surrogacy destination.

Due to its low surrogacy costs and legal protection, Georgia is the best nation for international surrogacy among childless couples. Although it is a small country, it is distinctly diverse and you will find people from every religion, race, caste, or creed in this part of the world.

Why we are the best surrogacy agency in Georgia

We have an indiscriminating policy when it comes to surrogacy. We are open to anyone who wishes to reap the benefits of this marvellous technique. However, we also respect the law of the country and hence currently don’t provide this facility to homosexual couples in Georgia which is in sync with the country’s policy.

Beyond that, our support and services extend to anyone who wishes to have a child and for whatever reason needs to take the path of surrogacy. We have consistently, over the years, ensured that we provide all our services at a very low cost so that the economic status doesn’t become a hindrance in a couple’s dream of having their own kid.

low cost surrogacy in Georgia

Since the involvement of laws regarding surrogacy agencies in Georgia in surrogacy cases are very lenient, we have a lot to offer to couples in Georgia. Our way of handling the cases ensures that the needs of the intended parents and the surrogate mother are taken care of and nobody is exploited during the process.

We provide complete assistance throughout the pregnancy period of the surrogate mother and are always alert to emergencies so as to provide assistance immediately.

We ensure that the best medical facilities are made available during medical treatment, transfers, and birth. We are consistently making efforts to improve and better ourselves for the welfare of families who believe in us and trust us.

We prioritize your comfort

Many couples are hesitant to go to a surrogacy center in Georgia because they find the process complicated, and medically risky, and unsure of legalities.

They often hold themselves back just because of the fear of complications and that the whole thing does not end up well. This is why we, Surrogacy Agency Kenya, exist.

surrogacy cost in Georgia

We ensure a tension-free phase for you and your family while we make all the arrangements, get the necessary permission from authorities, and assure you that in the end, you are the legal parents of the newborn.

We deal with all the issues that you might have had to deal with otherwise. For Surrogacy, you can count on us. We are the most experienced Surrogacy agency Georgia with the best Surrogate Support.

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