Gay surrogacy in Canada

If you are an intended parent looking for the best options regarding gay surrogacy in Canada, you are surely in the right place. At Surrogacy agency Kenya, we have helped and supported thousands of same-sex couples over the past 15 years and still ensuring the best support and assistance by the best means possible.

That said, intended parents must take the required knowledge and information regarding surrogacy for gay couples in Canada. Moreover, the information below would definitely prove helpful as you get along with your journey in the same regard.

gay surrogacy in Canada

How to take the first step regarding Gay surrogacy in Canada?

same sex surrogacy in CanadaYour initial step is always the most crucial step in your surrogacy journey. So, you must proceed with all caution and care. As an intended parent, you must first familiarize yourself with the country’s established guidelines for the gay surrogacy procedure in Canada.

Through our specialized programs for surrogacy for gay couples in Canada, we offer in-depth analyses of the surrogacy laws and legal frameworks of the nations that can prove crucial in your surrogacy journey.

Besides, regular in-person meetings are held at each of our partner IVF clinics to make sure they are adhering to the stringent ethical and professional standards we set for the treatment of intended parents (IPs) and surrogate mothers.

We provide IPs from various backgrounds the opportunity to conceive a child who is biologically related to them through our specially designed surrogacy programs.

Understanding the process related to surrogacy for LGBT couples in Canada

The procedure related to same sex surrogacy in Canada is as follows:

  • IPs offer identification papers and a background check from the police.
  • After that, they would complete a profile and bio and submit for blood and sperm testing.
  • IPs and our coordinators enter into a contract.
  • a medical letter explaining why a surrogate is required is sent to the intended parents.
  • IPs acquire original birth, marriage, and name-change certificates.
  • a lawyer will be assigned to the IPs to draft the surrogacy agreement and court documents.
  • They are then matched with a surrogate mother.
  • IPs would then meet with all pertinent clinic staff members and provide them with instructions regarding embryo transfer.
  • They would offer gametes or embryos as needed and will wait for the child’s birth.
  • IPs would fly to Canada to start the court application process, sign the surrogacy contract, and undergo clinical testing and evaluation.

In Canada, lesbian couples also need to follow the same procedure as male same-sex couples. In Canada, they can perform surrogacy for LGBT couples without any issues and simply need to take the services of a sperm donor to go with the IVF process. Moreover, the name of the biological mother will typically be the only information on the birth certificate.

surrogacy for gay couples in Canada

The biggest challenge: Finding the surrogate mother!

In Canada, finding a surrogate mother comes as the biggest challenge. As an intended parent, you cannot advertise or pay the surrogate mother for her services. Moreover, you can also try looking for the same thing among your specific connections in your network and family.

While options are many, the procedure is quite hectic and tedious. So, having the right support on your end will work a long way in your favor.

How much is the cost of same sex surrogacy in Canada?

Last but not least, you got to check and analyze regarding the cost of gay surrogacy in Canada. Moreover, this cost is made up of a variety of factors, including donor compensation (payable after embryo retrieval), donor stimulation medication, surrogate mother medical assessment, surrogate mother medication for preparation and common infections.

Other cost includes a surrogacy contract, legal costs for court applications, surrogate mother transportation and lodging costs, surrogate compensation, and support medication for a surrogate after embryo transfer.

Prenatal vitamins, all hospital and medical expenses incurred through the public hospital system, routine prenatal exams and visits, prenatal screenings, surrogate transportation for embryo transfer, and surrogate transportation costs for prenatal exams and other standard medical examinations are additional expenses.

gay surrogacy cost in Canada

A fully vetted surrogate, prenatal sessions with a psychologist for the surrogate, airport transfers for expectant parents, complications during pregnancy or delivery for the surrogate, hospital and medical costs associated with the delivery, postpartum care provided by a doctor and clinic for the surrogate, transportation provided for the surrogate to their home, issuance of a registered birth certificate, notary and apostille fees for standard documents, and fee are additional costs.

Why Surrogacy agency Kenya is the best?

Gay surrogacy in Canada may sound a bit complicated at first. Still, with the right support and guidance, you can reap the best rewards in the same direction.

At our surrogacy agency in Canada, we are backed by the required experience and expertise that can help you during your surrogacy journey in the country. Contact our coordinators today to know more about our services!

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