Surrogacy laws in Georgia

is surrogacy legal in Georgia

Surrogacy laws in Georgia don’t require some deep study or investigation and just by getting in touch with a reputed surrogacy agency in Georgia, you can proceed with your surrogacy aspirations with utmost ease.

We, on the other hand, are committed to offering you the best and most affordable surrogacy options, right as per your customized needs and requirements. That said, take a sneak peek into the following elements of surrogacy laws in Georgia that can come of big help to you during your surrogacy journey.

Is surrogacy legal in Georgia: Good to know aspects!

In general, Georgia supports surrogacy and everyone involved in a surrogacy arrangement, given that you go by all the guidelines mentioned in surrogacy laws in Georgia. Moreover, the first thing you should know is that Georgia does not have any specific laws addressing the legality of surrogacy. However, that does not rule out the possibility of surrogacy. Despite the lack of surrogacy legislation in Georgia, the process has really developed into one that is quick and amicable.

So is surrogacy legal in Georgia? Georgian law has recognized surrogacy as a legally binding contract. In addition, thanks to the knowledge and experience of our professional attorneys in this area, we are able to guarantee that any Georgia surrogacy journey you embark on with us will be successfully completed ethically, morally, and economically as well.

Surrogacy is permissible under Georgia law, provided that both parties are present for the arrangement to be valid and enforceable. So, you can go by your surrogacy aspirations while simply connecting with a renowned surrogacy consultant like a surrogacy agency in Kenya.

Considerations regarding the surrogacy agreement

surrogacy laws in GeorgiaIt is essential that the parties sign a legalized contract agreement in front of the local notary because Georgia surrogacy law does not specifically address the surrogacy contract. The involved teams will be helped and assisted by the surrogacy attorney to establish legal documents addressing the expectations, surrogacy remuneration, its obligation, process risk, and liabilities addressed prior to the medical procedure, which is the ultimate method of creating families.

Since 1997, Georgia has benefited from independent reproductive regulations. giving both domestic and international fertility seekers an equal chance as a result. For couples looking to become parents through the surrogacy process, Georgia is gradually developing into a brand-new surrogacy destination.

Due to its low surrogacy costs in Georgia and legal protection, it is the best state for international surrogacy among childless couples.

Considerations regarding surrogate mother in Georgia

Intended parents must know that the Georgian family law administers surrogacy arrangements within this country. Moreover, the names of commissioning parents are recorded on the child’s birth certificate in accordance with Georgian law, which states that they are the child’s legal parents from the moment of conception.

Georgia, however, offers all potential parents a practical choice for international surrogacy. It is preferable to speak with your consulates to learn whether the legal paternity of a surrogate child is permitted in your own country. Even though heterosexual married couples and de facto couples (same-sex, different-sex) are allowed to become surrogates in Georgia, you should consult a local surrogacy attorney to make sure you can bring the child home safely while abiding by laws for surrogacy in Georgia.

surrogate process in Georgia

So, who can pursue surrogacy in Georgia?

On the other side, Georgian law has allowed “married heterosexual couples” or de facto relationships to become surrogates since 1992. This suggests that in Georgia, same-sex couples or even single parent is not permitted to use a surrogate.

Intended parents must be aware that since there may be pre- and occasionally post-birth legal procedures that require consent from both parties, you must establish parental rights. Parentage orders, as they are also known, are legal in Georgia and easy for aspiring parents to obtain. Moreover, seeking advice from professionals with knowledgeable staff who can help you with Georgia’s surrogacy laws in all their finer details is the best and most straightforward course of action.

This is where we, at the surrogacy agency Kenya, come on board with all the right expertise and experience. With us, you can stay assured of receiving all the right legal consultations on your way through your ambitions related to surrogacy in Georgia.

Why we are deemed the best surrogacy agency in Georgia?

Surrogacy laws in Georgia may trouble you a bit initially. Still, with the right legal support and guidance, you can always choose the right options. Moreover, to handle the task, we have enlisted the best experts and legal professionals at your service. So, your surrogacy journey will go smoothly and straightforwardly in every instance. Connect with our coordinators for more information!

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