Surrogacy Cost in Cambodia

The cost of surrogacy in Cambodia is way lower than in any other part of the globe. This, along with the good standard of medical services has proved to be the biggest reason why so many people look forward to this country as their preferred surrogacy destination.

Now, the surrogacy cost in Cambodia would largely depend on the type of surrogacy program you have picked and the associated procedures. So, if you have picked a guaranteed baby program from surrogacy agency in Kenya that would include unlimited IVF attempts and medication.

On the other side, other programs are also available for people looking for surrogacy for same sex couples in Cambodia and single parent surrogacy Cambodia. Regardless of the surrogacy plan you choose, you can always expect the best support and assistance at every step of your surrogacy journey.

surrogacy cost in Cambodia

Key considerations related to surrogacy price in Cambodia

As you proceed with a surrogacy program in Cambodia, there are certain considerations that you need to make regarding the surrogacy cost Cambodia, beforehand. Moreover, pour partner fertility specialists in Cambodia offer affordable surrogacy because they want to ensure that each person enjoys parenthood joyfully with their own child and that the cost of the procedure will not prevent them from making the most out of surrogacy in Cambodia.

However, offering such affordable surrogacy does not imply that the fertility specialists at the network hospitals and clinics covered by IVF Surrogacy are of low quality. They will provide patients in Cambodia with the same level of care that other developed nations do, but at a much more affordable price. Moreover, the main reason why so many patients from other developed nations want to travel to Cambodia for their surrogacy treatment is the low cost surrogacy in Cambodia.

How much does surrogacy cost in Cambodia?

low cost surrogacy in CambodiaThe procedure that a couple chooses to use to address the issues that led to their infertility will largely determine the surrogacy cost in Cambodia. In the event that a couple decides to pursue gestational surrogacy, the IVF procedure is used to collect the eggs from the women’s ovaries, combine them with the recipient husband’s sperm to form an embryo, and once the embryo is developed, an embryologist will transfer the best-chosen embryo into the gestational surrogate’s uterus. The total cost of the surrogacy in Cambodia in this manner is going to be approximately USD 35,000.

However, if the couple chooses traditional surrogacy, which does not involve IVF, a fertility specialist will gather the surrogate mother’s eggs and will artificially inseminate them with the recipient husband’s or sperm donor’s sperm to form an embryo. Once the embryo develops, an embryologist will then transfer the resulting embryo into the uterus of the traditional surrogate, and the entire surrogacy cost in Cambodia for the procedure will be paid.

Both surrogacy processes include surrogacy in Cambodia cost for the surrogate mother’s recruitment, screening, food, clothing, and housing, among other expenses, up until the baby is delivered. Moreover, couples will discover surrogacy cost Cambodia to be a very affordable country for the surrogacy procedure if they compare the surrogacy cost there with those in other developed nations.

What is the cost of surrogate mother in Cambodia?

While the above-mentioned were just estimates, the actual costs will be confirmed by our fertility specialist once they meet the surrogate mother. If a couple decides to bring their own surrogate mother, gestational surrogacy will cost around USD 35,000, and traditional surrogacy will cost around USD 30,000, including all other expenses.

On the other side, if the couple is bringing their own surrogate mother, it is their duty to ensure that she is thoroughly checked for infectious diseases like AIDS or Hepatitis so that the illness won’t be passed on to the unborn child.

The cost of surrogacy in Cambodia will rise in such cases, and the couples will be informed of this when they and their surrogate meet the fertility expert. If the surrogate that couples hired is discovered to have not been properly examined, the fertility experts at the network hospitals and clinics under IVF Surrogacy will first examine the surrogate before she provides her services.

Besides, the fertility specialist will confirm the precise surrogacy in Cambodia cost after meeting with the couple and their surrogate.

cost of surrogacy in Cambodia

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