Surrogacy cost in Georgia

surrogacy price in Georgia

Understanding Surrogacy Cost in Georgia

The cost of surrogacy in Georgia is one of the supportive factors for the huge popularity of medical tourism in this part of the world. Moreover, this country attracts thousands of child-seeking parents to its territories given the low-cost, yet state-of-the-art medical facilities at most of its fertility hospitals and centres.

That said, every intended parent is advised to take legal guidance before kick-starting their surrogacy journey here. Moreover, with experts of the surrogacy agency Kenya by your side, you need not ponder much about any other aspect or component of your surrogacy journey.

Understand how surrogacy works in Georgia

surrogacy cost georgiaSurrogacy in Georgia is legal but there are certain conditions and guidelines that every intended parent must adhere to beforehand.

Moreover, Article 144 states that egg and sperm donation is also acceptable and the identity of the sperm or egg donor may be kept from the intended parents if they do not want to meet the donor.

Additionally, following the child’s birth, the intended parents will be acknowledged as the child’s legal parents. On the other side, the birth certificate will be issued in the names of the intended parents within 24 hours of the delivery. Besides, the surrogate will not be recognized as the child’s biological mother and will not be given any parental authority over the child.

What makes Georgia one of the countries with reasonably priced surrogacy options?

Georgia brings along the most reasonably priced surrogacy options to everyone (both local and foreign). Still, it’s highly critical to connect with a trusted surrogacy agency in Georgia in order to keep your surrogacy program ethical.

On the other side, the surrogacy price in Georgia with family members is about 50% less than that in other countries. Moreover, there is no waiting list for egg donors or surrogates; therefore, there is no extra charge to get ahead.

Also, prenatal care and childbirth have reasonable costs and Georgia has further made commercial surrogacy legal. Therefore, there is no need for parentage or court orders, among other legal fees.

Due to the fact that surrogacy costs differ from state to state, estimating the overall cost of surrogacy in Georgia is particularly difficult. Besides, the circumstances and choice of the intended parents will also provide low cost surrogacy in Georgia.

Now that we have an estimated price, we can see that surrogacy cost Georgia would range between $35,000 and $60,000. The same cost will vary based on a variety of conditions and factors. For instance, if sperm or eggs are donated, a different procedure will be carried out, adding to the surrogacy in Georgia cost.

Similarly to this, if the first IVF cycle is unsuccessful, you will be responsible for paying for each additional cycle. The other part of the surrogacy cost in Georgia would include the surrogacy agency fees. Additional costs should be considered, such as those for the surrogate’s prenatal care, legal fees, meal allowances, and other procedure-related expenses.

cost of surrogacy in Georgia

How cost of surrogacy in Georgia calculated?

A lot of factors come into play while calculating the surrogacy cost in Georgia. First up, the cost of IVF treatment, which further includes the number of IVF cycles attempted, would be taken into consideration. Moreover, the agency fees, cost of the surrogate mother, medication costs, accommodation, logistics, and other aspects would also play a key role in calculating surrogacy in Georgia cost.

Given its top-notch medical facilities at extremely low prices, Georgia attracts the majority of intended parents from nations like India, the UK, the United States, and Canada. Moreover, the factor of low cost surrogacy in Georgia when compared to those of other developed countries, is one of the main reasons that thousands of child-seeking parents travel there each year.

The surrogate mother will enter into an agreement in this regard once she signs a contract with the intended parents. The agreement would specify the following: Payment to the surrogate, the legal process for obtaining parental rights; and communication between the parties during the course of the pregnancy.

Moreover, the rights and interests of those involved must be taken into consideration when drafting the agreement. Besides, the medical procedure may begin after you have approved the agreement and both parties have signed it. On the other hand, the intended parents’ choice of surrogacy program will determine how much surrogacy cost in Georgia.

For instance, gestational surrogacy entails the transfer of the intended parents’ embryo to the surrogate, whereas traditional surrogacy uses IUI for the artificial insemination process. IVF is therefore required to accomplish this. Additionally, the surrogate will collaborate with the nearby obstetrician throughout the rest of her pregnancy.

This is where parents must take the necessary legal precautions to protect their parental rights during the second trimester of pregnancy.

How to get the most reasonable surrogacy price in Georgia?

Intended parents must know that surrogacy does come at a price. However, while connecting with a trusted surrogacy agency in Georgia like ours, you can always ensure the best and most affordable surrogacy option at your service.

Over the years, we have assisted and encouraged many couples around the world with their child-seeking aspirations. Furthermore, in order to offer you the most affordable surrogacy options, we have teamed up with some of the best IVF clinics in Georgia.  For further information, please contact one of our surrogacy coordinators today!

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