Single parent surrogacy in Australia

The procedure related to Single parent surrogacy in Australia is similar to the single-parent surrogacy process in any other country around the world. You got to use the services of a sperm or an egg donor along with a surrogate mother, as the surrogate cannot use her own eggs for the conception process.

So, if you are planning for single parent surrogacy Australia, it is always better to put your trust in a reputed surrogacy agency in Australia. Here, our experts will first understand your needs and expectations and design the process right in the same direction.

Regardless of the type of arrangement you have chosen, the process related to single parent surrogacy Australia will remain as follows.

surrogacy for singles in Australia

Know your rights and responsibilities as an intended parent!

In Australia, surrogacy is permitted, but each state has its own specific rules and laws to manage and monitor all initiatives within its legal frameworks. These states each have their own distinct legal systems while adhering to the same core principles, which are listed below.

  • Couples looking for surrogacy for singles in Australia must show that they are unable to conceive or carry the baby themselves and submit all required documentation before selecting a surrogacy program (not applicable in some states)
  • The surrogate mother has the right to monitor her health and well-being during surrogacy programs and is free to make decisions in this regard regardless of the agreement signed with the intended parents.
  • Every state only allows altruistic surrogacy, and intended parents are required to cover all expenses related to the pregnancy, delivery, and additional medical care required of the surrogate mother as a part of the cost of single parent surrogacy in Australia.
  • When the child is born and registered in the state of birth, the surrogate mother and her partner will be listed as the child’s legal parents. In order to establish their paternity as the child’s legal parents, the intended parents must then file a custody application with the court.

Please refer to the table below for more information on the surrogacy regulations in each Australian state.

single parent surrogacy Australia

Looking for the most appropriate surrogate mother and donors in Australia

In Australia, searching for a surrogate mother is only permitted through personal connections or various social media platforms; advertising or other methods are not permitted. Moreover, the couples must also verify the surrogate mother’s background and personal information before bringing her on board for the surrogacy program. That said, working with a knowledgeable Australian surrogacy agency is highly recommended at this point. We can help you with this.

On the other side, single parent surrogacy in Australia also requires the services of egg or sperm donors. So, the intended parents can take the help and support of the surrogacy agency in this regard as well.

Screening and matching of the surrogate and donors

single parent surrogacy in AustraliaThe surrogate mother and donors must submit to screening and testing for any physical or psychological conditions that might impede the development and welfare of the unborn child in accordance with the legal requirements established by the majority of Australian states. Moreover, the donors and the surrogate mother must cooperate with an Australian surrogacy agency in this situation to achieve the same result.

On the other side, the surrogate mother in Australia and the donors must fulfill the following criteria in order to stay eligible for the surrogacy program.

  • They must be healthy physically and mentally, and the surrogate mother must have previously given birth to a child without any issues.
  • She must be of the required height and weight, be willing to undergo the extensive surrogacy process, and be open to having a variety of tests and diagnoses done on her.
  • Her decision to carry the child for the intended parents must have the full support of her family.
  • The donors and the surrogate must not be addicted to any harmful substances like alcohol or tobacco

Trust only the experts for single-parent surrogacy in Australia

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