Surrogate mother in Ukraine

Surrogate mothers in UkraineSurrogacy in Ukraine has come to a halt recently given the political conflict of this European nation with neighbouring Russia. Hence, one needs to stay put as of now regarding their search for a surrogate mother in Ukraine.

Besides, we at Surrogacy Agency Kenya will update and inform you right here regarding any further development in the same regard. Till then, you can keep on reading all the useful and good-to-know things below that can help you big time in your future surrogacy aspirations.

Getting started with the search for a surrogate mother in Ukraine!

There are two ways to search for surrogate mothers in Ukraine– either by you or connecting with a surrogacy clinic or agency. As you go by on your own, you may have to struggle a bit given the tasks and procedures involved regarding surrogate selection, screening, matching, and treatment.

On the other hand, as you coordinate with a renowned surrogacy agency in Ukraine, we will take care of every process from start to end. We know that the intended parents are not that experienced in handling the critical matter involving surrogacy in Ukraine.

So, with the help of our partner clinics and agencies, we will make sure that your surrogacy journey goes ahead in a smooth and convenient manner. Now, being an intended parent, you must be curious to know who is eligible to become a surrogate mother in Ukraine.

surrogate mother cost in Ukraine

The eligibility criterion to become surrogate mothers in Ukraine

Every surrogacy agency in Ukraine got its own predefined criterion to shortlist the surrogate candidates. Still, in general, a surrogate must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for a surrogacy program in Ukraine:

  • She must be between the ages of 21 and 35 and a legal citizen of the nation.
  • She also needs to be in good physical and mental health.
  • The Ukrainian surrogate mother must be ready to participate in a range of examinations and diagnoses in accordance with the requirements of the Ukrainian surrogacy clinic.
  • She must not be addicted to any harmful substances like tobacco, alcohol, or marijuana
  • The intended parents’ aspirations for parenthood must be supported by the Ukrainian surrogate mothers, who also need to have given birth at least once.
  • The Surrogate must be willing to travel to the surrogate accommodation and even the IVF clinics

What is the cost of a surrogate mother in Ukraine?

Surrogate mothers in UkraineThere is no predefined cost structure regarding the selection and finalization of surrogate mothers in Ukraine. Besides, a variety of components and factors are involved in the entire arrangement, and this is where the surrogate mother cost in Ukraine varies.

Additionally, the same price would be determined in accordance with the agreement between the Ukrainian surrogate and the Ukrainian surrogacy agency you are working with.

Surrogate expenses, on the other hand, are paid in a series of instalments as opposed to all at once.

However, being a surrogate mother in Ukraine entails expenses beyond just covering the cost of childbirth. This amount would be used to cover her medical bills, clothing, travel, lodging, and other costs.

The intended parents should be aware that the cost would increase with each IVF cycle. For repeated pregnancies, however, a specific payment of up to $2,500 USD is necessary as part of the Ukrainian surrogate mother’s fee.

Intended parents must be aware that using a surrogate without the assistance and backing of a surrogacy agency is costly and might land them in some legal trouble. Additionally, genetic parents are still obligated to pay the cost of a surrogate mother even if a fertilized egg cannot survive in a surrogate womb.

On the other side, the surrogate mother receives the base payment, which can be between $10,000 and $20,000 USD, following the birth of the child. Additionally, all such costs must be covered by the intended parents as part of the surrogate mother cost in Ukraine.

Surrogacy Agency Kenya: We help you find the best surrogate in Ukraine!

Surrogate mother in UkraineFinding the most appropriate surrogate mother in Ukraine may come as a hectic task for you initially.

So, it is always advised and recommended to deal with only the best surrogacy centre in Ukraine.

From the time you start looking for the best surrogate until the baby is handed over, our professionals will be by your side at every point of your surrogacy journey.

So, whether you are looking for the right surrogate candidate or simply want to get your donor’s requirements to be taken care of, we got your back. Connect with our surrogacy coordinators today to know more!

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