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The blastocyst, as it is often known, is another technology associated with the implantation part of the IVF technology. This might just be another option to the traditional methods used in the technology but it is hailed by many as a more effective method and results show that it gives better results as well. This methodology has only been made possible by relatively recent improvements in technology and cell culture media which now allows the artificially fertilized egg to grow to the blastocyst stage in the cell culture itself.

Kenya Surrogacy Agency realized the potential of this technology early and made sure that it was added to our repertoire of facilities and services.

Advantages of Blastocyst

  • In In-Vitro Fertilization the chances of a fertilized egg successfully reaching the blastocyst stage are only 20-30%. That is a very low success rate that can often leave implantations unsuccessful despite all expert analysis and inputs. So, once a fertilized egg reaches the blastocyst stage, its chances of getting attached to the uterine wall and developing into a complete child increase by manifolds. Hence, blastocyst transfer comes with increased chances of successful implantation.

blastocyst treatment in kenya

  • The blastocyst stage arrives on the fifth day after fertilization. This is also the stage and day after fertilization in a natural case that the embryo becomes attached to the uterine walls. Hence, it is believed that the fifth-day implantation of the embryo at the Blastocyst stage is the ideal timing as the uterus is more receptive on the 5th day.
  • Most labs have reported 70-80% successful pregnancy rates using the blastocyst technique in egg donation or surrogacy cases.

Is it for all?

As mentioned above, only a small percentage of fertilized eggs reach the blastocyst stage and that is exactly the key to distinction. The blastocyst technique is generally useful and advantageous for people who develop a large number of eggs and embryos. If the eggs produced by a patient are fewer then blastocyst transfer also might end up requiring a similar number of attempts because it might take many attempts to develop the blastocyst itself in the first place. Hence, doctors carefully look into every individual case to decide which path or methodology might be appropriate for the patient.

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Our commitment

Our commitment to all our clients is the facilities and services we provide. We, at Kenya Surrogacy Agency, never compromise with quality and availability. We ensure that best of the services, technology and facilities are available at all times. The patient may or may not require a certain facility but we are always ready to provide it.

Blastocyst also falls under a similar category. All our associate clinics worldwide provide the blastocyst transfer option except for places where there are legal restrictions. The doctor shall eventually decide if the blastocyst technique would be appropriate or not in a certain case but in case it is required, the arrangements will always be there.

In this way, we commit to the welfare of our clients and keep the best of the facilities at their disposal.

Blastocyst treatment center in kenya

Blastocyst treatment in Kenya

Blastocyst treatment

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