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Assisted Hatching is a medical technique that has to be carried out along with In-vitro Fertilization treatment. As in IVF, we mix eggs with sperm in a laboratory setting which is different from what happens naturally in Uterus. So when in a laboratory setting the egg is fertilized at the successful penetration of sperm in the egg. These fertilized eggs are monitored for 3-6 days in the laboratory where they divide and develop into embryos. Special care is taken and a modified environment is provided for their growth and division.

The best embryo is then placed in the uterine wall of the surrogate mother. It is just before implantation that assisted hatching makes its way.


Once the embryo develops, it is protected by surrounding cells that make a protective shell. Naturally, the process of breaking down of shell occurs very seamlessly but in the case of IVF, the process becomes complicated and needs to be timed well. Many times on implantation, the egg fails to break and doesn’t attach to the uterine wall resulting in a failed process. Hence, doctors ask the laboratory to make a small crack in the shell just before the implantation so that the chances of occurrence of successful implantation become high. This is exactly known as Assisted Hatching.


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Assisted Hatching can be facilitated in several ways. One way is to apply a small amount of an acid solution known as Tyrode’s solution which makes the shell melt and complete hatching occurs easily post-implantation. Another way to assist hatching that laboratories use is inducing a crack with the help of a laser.

Assisted Hatching is not always used. It is mostly used when the female fails to get pregnant in previous IVF attempts. This helps improve the chances of getting pregnant in those women.

This technique is also used to facilitate PGD testing as PGD requires sampling of a small tissue which can only be done by penetrating the shell.

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There is nothing we ever compromise on. We take legal things seriously and ensure that we leave no loophole that causes trouble later and similarly we ensure that we provide only the best medical facilities to our clients. For that reason, we have tied up with several surrogacy clinics around the world. We haven’t tied up with clinics randomly. We carried out extensive research, did surveys worldwide so that we select only the best, and then developed partnerships. So, irrespective of whichever part of the world you are in, if we provide services then you can be assured that you will get the best of everything, including the best laboratory and technicians who will work on your case to facilitate successful pregnancy and care.

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At laboratories that are our partners, they have all the facilities including assisted hatching as well. This service will be provided if it is required and rest assured, at a very reasonable price. Quality of medical treatment will be of the highest standard leaving nothing for you to worry about.

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