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Become an egg donor, we help couples to create family via an egg donor surrogacy. We have egg donation surrogacy solutions under one roof.

egg donor agencies in kenyaWith the egg donation process, a volunteering woman allows experts to extract her eggs for the procedure of artificial fertilization. This extracted egg is used in the assisted reproduction for couples who want such assistance.

The process of egg donation is not complicated when you have expert doctors around. Experts ensure the health of a donor’s ovaries. A precise approach is utilized to obtain the eggs. Then, the obtained eggs are used in the process of IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization. The fertilization is assisted by the experts in a lab. The created embryo is transferred into a surrogate’s uterus. This leads to pregnancy and the birth of a new life on earth.

Surrogacy Agency Kenya has the best approach and facility in Kenya to help egg donor, egg donor agency in Kenya. We have a team of specialists to help you throughout the process. We welcome healthy egg donors who wish to donate their eggs, and become a surrogate mother in Kenya as well.


What to expect if you want to become an egg donor?

We have nurse co-ordinators who interview potential egg donors surrogacy. You can fill out our application form and meet with our expert to present your eligibility as a donor.

The eligibility criteria include:

  • An ideal candidate should fit the age range of 21-35. However, this range can vary from case to case.
  • The weight and height of the candidate should fit the normal range.
  • The candidate should not have a habit of using drugs or smoking.
  • Complete medical history is required including everything related to candidate’s general health, gynaecological history, surgeries and family’s health history as well.
  • Candidates have to go through a complete gynaecological examination.
  • A sequence of evaluations and tests are conducted to examine medical condition, mental health, sexual and genetic conditions as well.

We, at Surrogacy Agency Kenya, provide pre-evaluation consultation to help potential egg donors prepare for their medical examinations. Our coordinators also motivate and support you during the evaluation phase and at the time of egg retrieval. This way, our agency takes complete care of the physical, mental and emotional health of egg donors.


Different egg donation options

By donating your egg, you help intended parents complete their family with a new baby. You have the option to donate your eggs anonymously as well and our egg donation Kenya program help Intended parents.


Anonymous donors: These are women who decide to become eggs donor in Kenya without disclosing her identity to the intended parents. The parents receive the medical history only and do not receive any personal information about the egg donor.


Known donors: Intended parents can convince their friend, a sister or a loved one to donate her egg for the surrogacy process. These come within the category of known donors. The known donors also have to fulfil the standard donation criteria ensure the success of the process.

You can contact our egg donation specialists to consult your queries. Our advanced technology, expertise, and continuous support will make the procedures convenient to handle.

Call us now to become an egg donor!

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