Surrogacy for singles in Georgia

surrogacy for singles in Georgia

Single parent surrogacy in Georgia is a possibility given that you connect with our advisors and coordinators here at Surrogacy agency Kenya. To start with, you simply need to furnish your needs and expectations along with your expected budget.

On the other side, our coordinators will take you through the detailed process while also mentioning the cost of single parent surrogacy in Georgia. Down below, we discuss all the key components and elements of a surrogacy program involving single parents.

Surrogacy for singles in Georgia: Why understanding surrogacy laws is important?

Anyone can pursue their surrogacy goals without any difficulty or hesitation because there are no laws there that regulate surrogacy.  So, in layman’s terms, you can opt for Single parent surrogacy Georgia while taking the required legal counselling and guidance.

Moreover, to go by the procedure, two people are typically needed: an egg donor/ sperm donor and a surrogate mother. To begin, choose an egg donor/ sperm from the list provided by our coordinators. Once done, the surrogate mother and the donors will be screened for any kind of physical or mental health issues.

Single parent Surrogacy GeorgiaAfterwards, the IVF process is then finished with the assistance of our partner IVF clinics in Georgia. Once the embryo transfer process is completed, the surrogate mother will carry your child to terminate upon the confirmation of pregnancy.

It’s difficult and time-consuming to decide to raise a child alone. In fact, choosing to have children in the first place and then figuring out how to do it are two of the most challenging tasks during surrogacy for singles in Georgia.

It’s a great first step to decide to use a surrogate, but there is still a lot of planning and research to be done before you can welcome a new family member into your home. So, being in the right hands holds utmost importance.

Are there any laws related to single parent surrogacy in Georgia?

Despite the fact that Georgia doesn’t have a surrogacy law, intended parents should be aware that they must abide by the Article 144 of the Georgia family act. As a result, one needs the guidance and assistance of a certified and experienced surrogacy facility in Georgia, like the surrogacy agency in Kenya.

Still, in order to shortlist a trusted surrogacy agency in Georgia, make sure the organization you select has experience working with single parents and can provide references from intended parents who have completed their program successfully and are available to speak with you.

Moreover, you need to work with a company that has a stringent screening procedure in place if you want to find the best egg donor and surrogate. Besides, your surrogacy agency should help you find an egg donor and a gestational surrogate as part of their service.

You could think of yourself as having completed half of your journey elated to single parent surrogacy in Georgia if you have located the best surrogacy agency in Georgia, an egg donor, and a surrogate mother. However, those looking for single-parent surrogacy must look for an egg donor or a sperm donor.

surrogacy for single parent cost in Georgia

How much does single parent surrogacy cost in Georgia?

Single parent surrogacy cost in Georgia may go slightly on the higher side as you may have to hire an egg donor or a sperm donor for the arrangement. Besides, the cost related to the surrogate mother, her medicines, IVF treatment, and other related aspects would add up.

That said, as you connect with our coordinators here at surrogacy agency Kenya, you can expect the most reasonably priced surrogacy options at your service.

Choosing the best for single parent surrogacy in Georgia

The most critical part of single parent surrogacy is to make the right decision by choosing the right people. So, as you trust the surrogacy agency Kenya, you can further ensure bringing the best for your surrogacy aspirations in the country.

At surrogacy agency Kenya, we are a team of knowledgeable experts that is backed by years of training and experience in the same field. So, be it single parent surrogacy, heterosexual surrogacy, or homosexual surrogacy, we will be by your side at every instance. Contact us for more information!

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