Single parent surrogacy in Cambodia

Are you an individual looking to pursue single parent surrogacy in Cambodia? If yes, we are here to help you with all the right support and guidance. Today, single parenthood has become a feasible option thanks to advancements in medical technology and science.

Still, if you’re considering Surrogacy for singles in Cambodia, there are a few things you should know before proceeding. The country still doesn’t have any surrogacy laws. So, you must choose the right partner (surrogacy agency in Cambodia) to help you with your surrogacy journey.

single parent surrogacy in Cambodia

Single parent Surrogacy Cambodia: How to put through the first step?

The process of surrogacy for any intended parent be it a couple, or single parent is typically the same. Moreover, you may require the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure to go by with your surrogacy aspirations. In the fertility lab, IVF is used to create an embryo outside the body, which is then implanted into the surrogate’s womb.

Usually, there are typically two types of surrogacy in Cambodia:

Traditional surrogacy: In this case, a single man can either hire a surrogate mother himself or have the surrogacy agency in Cambodia make arrangements. The embryo is produced using the eggs of the surrogate mother and the sperm of the single intended father. However, in this case, the egg donor and the surrogate are the same people, making the child that the surrogate carries genetically related to her. Due to numerous parentage issues and difficulties between parents and the donor/surrogate, this method is not commonly used or preferred by intended parents around.

Single parent Surrogacy CambodiaGestational surrogacy: This process has taken the place of traditional surrogacy because the gestational carrier, also known as the surrogate mother, is not a genetic relative of the child. The freedom of having their one and only biological child without any problems and inconveniences are enjoyed by the single parents in this case.

In contrast to intended couples, every single intended father or mother in gestational surrogacy must use a donor egg or sperm for the conception process. With thousands of children born over the years, this is a well-established path to parenthood for every single individual with a dream of having their own child. However, for a single father, gestational surrogacy requires the assistance of two different people:

  • a woman who will act as an egg donor
  • A gestational carrier, also known as a surrogate mother, assists in bringing a pregnancy to term and delivers the child.

In the case of a single intended mother, the requirement of a sperm donor will be there along with the surrogate mother in Cambodia.

Single parent surrogacy in Cambodia: How it works?

Getting connected

Being a single parent, you first schedule a meeting or register with us. You will be given a direct appointment for a free consultation with a fertility expert by our coordinators. Moreover, you can ask our experts any questions you may have, and they will provide you with a full explanation of your surrogacy status.

Signing the contract

After consultation, you will take the next step towards your surrogacy journey while signing a surrogacy contract. Moreover, our legal surrogacy attorney is present when a contract is signed. Besides, the agreement will list all the dos and don’ts, and once you agree to the terms being used, the contract will be signed.

Surrogate and donor screening

Finding the ideal Egg Donor and surrogate mother is the most exciting and crucial step in Surrogacy for singles in Cambodia. Being an intended parent, you must know that numerous egg donation and surrogate mother matching services are available, or we may be able to direct you to sperm banks and egg donors in their networks.

The option to work with a known donor, such as a close friend or distant relative, is also available to single intended parents. If you use a known surrogate, you can save time and money. Besides, the surrogacy procedure will proceed after you have chosen your donor just like it would for any other intended parent.

On the other side, both the surrogate mother and the egg donor must go through medical testing (blood work) prior to the surrogacy to make sure they are in good enough health to carry a pregnancy and produce eggs of excellent quality, respectively.

Implanting the embryo into a surrogate womb

The surrogate mother’s uterus is first prepared by our IVF specialist, who makes sure the lining is the right thickness and prepared to receive the embryo for a successful pregnancy. Moreover, the best embryo (blastocyst stage) is then inserted through a cannula into the uterus (womb). Since there is no pain involved, anesthesia is not used during the procedure.

We schedule a pregnancy test for two weeks after embryo implantation to determine through a blood test whether the procedure was successful. After 20 days, you will have follow-up ultrasounds if the pregnancy is confirmed. Then, after you’ve been pregnant for six weeks, we’ll do an ultrasound to look for a heartbeat. We then prepare a delivery for you following a full-term pregnancy.

Cost of single parent surrogacy in Cambodia?

Surrogacy for singles in CambodiaThe cost of single parent surrogacy in Cambodia may be a bit higher than other surrogacy procedures given the involvement of some extra individuals and procedures. Hence, it would involve the cost for the egg or sperm donor along with their screening and matching.

That said, the overall cost of single parent surrogacy in Cambodia may make you pay somewhere between $45000 and $65000 depending on the type of surrogacy program you have chosen.

How we can be your best bet?

Given our vast experience in the ART domain as a leading surrogacy agency in Cambodia, we guarantee you all the required assistance during your journey. So be it single parent surrogacy in Cambodia or else, we will make it happen for you in the best manner possible. Contact our surrogacy coordinators for more information today!

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