Single parent Surrogacy in China

There are numerous individuals that come to us with the query regarding single parent surrogacy in China. Moreover, most of these parents are generally looking for a low-cost surrogacy option that can help them reach their parenthood goals.

While single-parent surrogacy is the same as a standard surrogacy procedure, it would involve certain other key elements like the inclusion of a sperm donor or an egg donor. Besides, the person has to take a decision regarding whether or not to use his or her gametes during surrogacy for singles in China.

single parent surrogacy in China

Single parent surrogacy in China: what are your available options?

During the start of single parent surrogacy in china, a person needs to first decide about two things: finding a suitable surrogate mother and finalizing the required egg or sperm donor for the IVF treatment.

As surrogacy is currently banned in China, we would advise you to not go ahead with your parenthood aspirations as of now. Moreover, a few reports suggest that the government of china is shortly going to take a decision while permitting surrogacy for everyone within its territories.

So, until that happens, you can take a look at a standard procedure that may come into practice during single parent surrogacy.

Single parent Surrogacy china: The process!

Single parent Surrogacy chinaBeing a single parent, you will connect with our professionals at Surrogacy agency Kenya initially. During the interaction, our experts will walk you through to the entire procedure related to single-parent surrogacy in china.

Moreover, you will be made familiar with all the prerequisites and other considerations that will help you succeed in your surrogacy aspirations.

After the discussion, we will find the most suitable surrogate match for you after taking your needs and expectations into consideration.

Once the surrogate mother in china is finalized, the search for an egg donor or a sperm donor will commence. At Surrogacy agency Kenya, we have partnered with some of the best egg donor and sperm donor agencies worldwide to help you in this regard.

Besides, the surrogate mother will enter into a surrogacy agreement with the intended parents that will further include discussions regarding single-parent surrogacy costs in china. Afterward, the embryo transfer process will take place under the supervision and administration of our partner IVF clinics.

The surrogate mother in china will be tested for pregnancy after three weeks of the embryo transfer. Upon confirmation of the pregnancy, she will then carry the child to term. Once the child is born, the intended parents can file for the parental rights of the kid as per the surrogacy laws in china.

Finally, after every legal and medical formality has been completed, the parents can take the child home to their native country.

surrogacy for singles in China

How much is surrogacy for single parent cost in china?

If you want to know the exact surrogacy for single parent cost in china, you may have to wait for some time given the current ban on surrogacy arrangements in the country. Moreover, till that time, you can look forward to alternative destinations like Kenya, the USA, the UK, Canada, and so on.

Being the best surrogacy agency, we have partnered with some of the best IVF clinics and donor agencies in these countries to help you all along. So, as you go ahead in search for the best surrogacy options for surrogacy for singles in China, you need not wander here and there.

Why we are the best?

At Surrogacy agency Kenya, we have helped and supported thousands of child-seeking parents over the past 15 years. So, as you kick start your parenthood journey with us, you can stay assured of getting all the required support and assistance in this regard.

All you need to do is connect over with our surrogacy coordinators on call, or by email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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