Surrogacy cost in Kenya

surrogacy cost in KenyaLower Surrogacy cost in Kenya, backed by a top-class medical support system is one of the key factors that have attracted thousands of child-seeking parents to this African nation over the years.

Moreover, the country doesn’t have any surrogacy laws. So, everyone, from a gay couple to a single parent can pursue their parenthood dreams without any issues in this country.

Moreover, Kenya has been providing couples or individuals who are unable to conceive naturally with an economical surrogacy option. Still, one must always choose a trusted and reputed name like Surrogacy agency Kenya to avoid any risk and complications during their surrogacy journey and also provide low cost surrogacy in Kenya.

Know the surrogacy laws before proceeding!

Surrogacy is currently unregulated in Kenya. So, you can proceed with your child-seeking ambitions in the country without facing any legal complications. Moreover, the use of surrogate mothers is expanding in Kenya for surrogacy. Besides, the Kenyan government has been taking action to regulate this sector of the economy and make sure that everyone involved keeps the environment for children safe and healthy.


surrogacy price in KenyaOn the other side, all surrogate moms in Kenya are required by law to undergo HIV, Hepatitis B, and C testing before the surrogacy process begins. Additionally, before these women are permitted to become pregnant through surrogacy, they must register with a surrogacy agency in Kenya. The surrogate mother must also be a married woman with children or a single mother in order to comply with Kenyan surrogacy regulations.

According to the government, these laws are designed to safeguard the legal rights of surrogate children and make sure they are not used for financial gain.

How much does surrogacy cost in Kenya?

The surrogacy cost in Kenya varies depending on a number of variables, including your location and the standard of your medical care. Therefore, the cost of surrogacy in Kenya might be a little more if there were multiple IVF cycles included in the IVF process.

surrogacy cost KenyaIf you are an intended parent, you should be aware that there are two primary types of surrogacy available in Kenya: gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. The cost of surrogacy in Kenya varies depending on the same plan.

On the other side, if you are including an egg donor or a sperm donor in the arrangement, the same surrogacy in Kenya cost would go higher.

How much is traditional surrogacy cost in Kenya?

The cost is different for both traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy in Kenya. Still, before proceeding in the same direction, you must be aware of the concept around these two surrogacy types. Traditional surrogates are women who are biologically linked to the child because their eggs are used in the surrogacy procedure.

Because she is related to the newborn and any illnesses she has will automatically be passed on to the child, which could result in the death of both the child and the surrogate, fertility specialists thoroughly check the surrogate mother for infectious diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis if the couples decide to use a traditional surrogate.

A legal contract stating that the surrogate would voluntarily give the child to the intended parents after birth in exchange for payment for her services must be signed by all parties prior to the surrogacy procedure beginning.

Moreover, the average cost of surrogacy in Kenya for traditional surrogates ranges from $30,000 to $35,000. Besides, this cost includes the standard cost of an IVF cycle, legal fees, and the surrogate mother’s expenses, which include clothing, food, and accommodation.

However, we have the surrogate’s accommodation accessible if the surrogate prefers not to stay at her house. Throughout the entire process, our representative will check on them frequently to see if they need anything.

Because this process necessitates a lot of mental and emotional support and because a good pregnancy depends on the surrogate being pleased during the process, the majority of surrogates choose to remain at home.

Hence, we can say that the intended parents can save a lot in terms of surrogacy in Kenya cost.

low cost surrogacy in Kenya

How much is gestational surrogacy cost in Kenya?

Gestational surrogacy is the one where the surrogate mother doesn’t have any biological connection with the born child. If due to a medical problem, the intended mother is unable to carry the baby, her fertility consultant encourages her to undergo the surrogacy process.

On the other side, gestational surrogacy is a process where the experts use the intended parents or a donor’s eggs and sperm to create an embryo, which is then put in the womb of the surrogate mother to let her carry the pregnancy. The gestational surrogates in this technique are not the baby’s biological parents because her eggs were not used in the IVF round.

Due to its simplicity and safety, gestational surrogacy is frequently preferred by couples over traditional surrogacy. Moreover, the intended parents can have a child with their own genetic makeup thanks to this procedure.

That said, the average cost of gestational surrogacy in Kenya is between USD 30,000 and USD 40,000, which includes the cost of the IVF cycle, legal fees, and expenses for the surrogate mother, such as clothing, food, and accommodation.

The cost of both conventional and gestational treatments in Kenya is generally quite affordable when compared to surrogacy cost by the nation in places like the US and the UK, where the cost of surrogacy starts at USD 60,000 without taking other expenditures into account.

That said, the cost of surrogacy in Kenya is still way lower than the cost of surrogacy in most of the developed countries across the globe.

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