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Carrying your baby, a surrogate serves as the hero in the journey of surrogacy. She decides to give life to her baby, which is not an easy responsibility. A surrogate has to go through several fertility procedures. At the same time, she has to maintain various personal as well as medical restrictions. All the sacrifices and disciplines of a surrogate decide the health of a child during the pregnancy and after the delivery.

For all the mentioned reasons, a surrogate is a lot more than a fetus incubator. She is the caregiver before the child goes into the hands of its intended parents.

At Surrogacy Agency Kenya, we understand the importance of selecting a reliable and healthy surrogate. We have a long list of evaluated surrogates available for you. Our experts conduct a variety of medical as well as psychological evaluations before adding a surrogate to the list of our network.

Before a surrogacy procedure, the selected surrogate goes through relevant Ivf fertility treatments to increase the chances of success. This way, you can rely on our agency to find a surrogate. We will involve you in the process of selection. You can meet, interview, and understand everything to find a surrogate. All this helps in making the final decision with no confusion.

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The initial stage of matching

We have the expertise and proven techniques to help you find the correct surrogate. The initial stage of matching involves a sequence of tests and scans. Blood tests, ultrasound, and personal evaluations take place. All our surrogates go through criminal as well as psychological evaluations in advance.

The preparation stage for matching

The selected surrogate receives our highly advanced treatments for fertility boosting. A few proven hormone injections are given to the surrogate to increase the thickness of her endometrium. This increases receptiveness when the embryo is transferred.

The success rate of surrogacy depends on the preparation stage. This is why we leave no chance of errors in terms of medical tests and treatments.

Completion of a surrogacy contract

A surrogacy contract works as a legal promise between the intended parents and the surrogate. As intended parents, you agree to take care of the needs of your surrogate. On the other hand, the surrogate agrees to ensure a healthy pregnancy. This contract is about respect, ethics, and the appreciation of mutual understanding.

With Surrogacy Agency Kenya, you get to find pre-evaluated surrogates, immediately available for the surrogacy process. The contract process is handled by our experts. So, you don’t have to wait a lot to find a surrogate and begin the further process.

How do we ensure the surrogate’s health?

With us, surrogates receive 24/7 access to medical care. We ensure that your surrogate obtains a clean housing facility. The medical services easily reach the surrogate whenever required. Our psychological experts provide emotional support during the whole period of surrogacy. We also respect the privacy rights and compensation requirements of our surrogates.

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