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International surrogacy arrangements: Surrogacy in Australia

Surrogacy in AustraliaSurrogacy is one of the biggest boons that have been forwarded to parents worldwide via medical science.

This facility has changed the lives of millions of mothers worldwide by providing them with their own kids despite their inability to conceive and give birth themselves. This has helped childless parents worldwide by completing their families.

However, there are still many parents who aren’t either aware of this facility or don’t have access to it. Surrogacy Agency Kenya aims to change that and besides Kenya, has now arrived in Australia to make it easier for Australian parents.

Australian Laws on Surrogacy

Is surrogacy legal in Australia

Australia has always been one of the most progressive societies in the world and they haven’t been too far behind in the case of surrogacy in Australia as well. Most Juridical areas in Australia support surrogacy except for the Northern Territory which is yet to pass legislation in that regard. Commercial Surrogacy, though, isn’t allowed yet as in most parts of the world. However, that is not a matter of concern as Surrogacy Agency Kenya also believes in altruistic surrogacy.

We don’t see surrogacy as a booming business but as the man-made wonder that has the ability to transform the lives of parents and surrogate mothers, as well as they, go through an emotional phase together, supporting each other, reinstating humanity in the world.

Surrogacy options for all

Surrogacy, unfortunately, is an expensive affair despite the promotion and legalization of altruistic procedures worldwide. The primary reason for its high surrogacy cost in Australia is the medical procedure that involves transferring the fertile egg or the zygote from the primary mother’s womb to that of the surrogate mother.

Further, medical assistance is required from time to time and the need to provide appropriate facilities and conditions to surrogate mothers during their pregnancy makes it an expensive affair all.

However, Surrogacy Agency Kenya believes that the blessing of having your own child shouldn’t be only for the rich and hence we provide a number of affordable and low-cost programs to ensure that this facility can reach as many people as possible around the world.

Finding the best-suited surrogate mother in Australia

Finding a suitable surrogate mother during gestational surrogacy in Australia is a bit tricky. Given that you cannot advertise or post publicly for the search, you must connect with an established surrogacy clinic in Australia when selecting surrogate mothers. This is to ensure that throughout the process, you are fully informed about your legal rights and costs as per surrogacy laws in Australia. On the other side, being the best surrogacy agency in Australia, we would help with the legal aspects of the arrangements, making sure that you are still entitled to claim your child after the process is complete.

While it is true that most women of childbearing age find it difficult to carry another person’s child, they still do so in order to help another couple reach their parenthood dreams. However, there are some women who can handle the task without experiencing a lot of stress, and they frequently donate their eggs as well for the overall procedure. However, when searching for surrogate mothers in Australia, you must look for candidates who:

  • Is of the right maternity age( between 21- 35 years)
  • Possess a history of risk-free pregnancies
  • Have a full family and a stable financial situation, as well as close social and emotional ties to their community
  • Willing to undergo a series of tests and diagnoses to confirm her eligibility for gestational surrogacy in Australia
  • Is in the right shape in terms of physical and mental health

Additionally, working with a reputable surrogacy agency in Australia is always a good choice for those looking for safe and ethical surrogacy. By doing that, you can proceed with your aspirations related to the surrogacy process in Australia without any worries or concerns.

What is the cost of surrogacy in Australia?

Surrogacy is administered on state levels in Australia. Hence, we must examine the situation from each state’s point of view in order to comprehend the overall structure relating to the cost of surrogacy in Australia. Additionally, two advice reports on surrogacy must be drafted in Queensland—one before and one after—in order to comply with the Surrogacy laws in Australia. Except for Queensland and New South Wales, the reports are typically not required anywhere. Additionally, you will typically meet with one counselor before beginning a surrogacy plan in the ACT.

In comparison to other parts of Australia, Victoria and Western Australia have higher surrogacy costs in Australia. As a result, Victoria performed better than, say, New South Wales. Moreover, there is a way to obtain another person’s consent prior to birth, even though there is no way to obtain a report after birth. Therefore, as part of the surrogacy cost in Australia, you must also pay for the opposite side’s counselor, lawyer, doctor, and lawyer in addition to obtaining regulatory approval.

Surrogacy cost in australia

Moreover, you would undoubtedly have to pay more in Victoria than you would in the Eastern States. However, when it comes to the cost of surrogacy in Australia, WA is a little more expensive than Victoria. Furthermore, Western Australia currently only allows heterosexual couples, single women, and lesbian couples access to surrogacy.

That said, the cost of surrogacy in Australia further depends on a list of aspects like the number of IVF attempts, the cost of medication, the cost of surrogate mothers in Australia, and so on.

Looking for the best surrogacy agency in Australia?

surrogacy agency in AustraliaSurrogacy Agency Kenya is a ‘start end Surrogacy Agency, i.e. we are consistently involved with the parents and the surrogate mother throughout their journey.

We don’t leave the journey to the parents and surrogate mother after arranging initial procedures and neither do we just randomly step in to help and leave.

There is constant support from our team at our Surrogacy clinic in Australia in terms of facilitating regular check-ups, ensuring a nice camaraderie between the parents and the surrogate mother, and providing urgent support in case of an emergency. Besides, our initial support includes high-quality IVF, PGD, PGS, IUI, Assisted Hatching, and Blastocyst.

We make it easy

Surrogacy isn’t really a very complicated procedure if things are handled well and seamlessly. Also, it is important to keep things very clear from the very beginning about the arrangement. The clearer the things between the parents and the surrogate mother the easier the process is overall. We, as a surrogate agency, ensure that these things are taken care of and counseling is provided for the surrogate and they are well prepared for being a surrogate. We at Surrogacy Agency Kenya take care of cultural and lingual differences and ensure a seamless experience.

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Surrogacy in Australia

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