Accommodation for international parents

Accommodation diversity makes Kenya a perfect destination for “International intended parents”

When it comes to surrogacy accommodation for international parents, Kenya is well-known for its diversity. international parents can find a variety of local lodging options along with luxury hotels and other options as well.


Hotel and lodges in Kenya

The word “hotel” has multiple meanings in Kenya. The locals say “hoteli” to describe a cheap restaurant, where you can only eat and not stay. The hotels also cover all the top-notch luxurious establishments. Budget-friendly accommodations are called lodges.


surrogacy accommodation for international parents


All these varieties give international parents multiple choices. You can focus on the luxuries or try to get cheap staying options. However, a little research should help you find a balance between the luxuries as well as the value of your money. There is a wide range of modern-age hotels in Kenya that suit moderate budgets. And several of them provide decent living quality too.


Guesthouses in Kenya

Guesthouses in Kenya also have a wide range of accommodation choices. They provide lodging and boarding facilities. You simply need to avoid the low-quality guesthouses and focus on the huge buildings. High-end guesthouses have great options such as en-suite rooms, in-hotel bars, restaurants, parking area and a lot more. You will be getting hot water 24/7 in the bathroom shower.

Prices of guesthouses are not always the best way to judge the quality. It would be wise to personally check the facilities before checking in.


Home-stays in Kenya

The popularity of home-stays has increased to a great extent among International intended parents. There are self-catered villas, apartments, and homes that provide a convenient and home-like environment.


Accommodation arrangements for international parents

At Surrogacy Agency Kenya, we understand the inconvenience of visiting a new destination. You feel concerned about the accommodation for international parents. To help you out, we maintain a consulting team for international parents. Our team can discuss your living standards, prices, and other specific requirements. These discussions provide you with enough information regarding the accommodation choices. Our facilities are in the major living areas. Hence, you won’t have to struggle at all to find a good place of accommodation. Our suggestions are just to help you make well-informed decisions. There is absolutely no pressure to choose the options we suggest. One can make their own decisions regarding accommodation for international parents.


Now, that you have understood the availability and quality of accommodation for international parents in Kenya, it should make you stress-free. All your desired necessities and luxuries are available. We ensure a comfortable and convenient surrogacy trip to Kenya for you and your partner.

We are aware that the distance between our intended parents from their surrogacy experience prohibits them from participating fully. A successful Surrogate journey will be one that fulfills all of your expectations. No matter the distance, we strive to make the procedure seamless and easy. From our psychologist to our legal advisers, Surrogacy Agency Kenya works with professionals with many years of combined experience in the fields of infertility, surrogacy, and egg donation.


Contact us in advance for more information!

Our team stays available for international intended parents coming for surrogacy. We can discuss every query regarding your surrogacy trip to Kenya. We can suggest and recommend resources to arrange your accommodation for international parents in advance.

Accommodation issues resolved you can discuss the queries regarding the surrogacy treatment you require. We are here to answer all those questions as well.

So, give us a call and plan your trip for Surrogacy in Kenya with Surrogacy Agency Kenya.

surrogacy accommodation for international parents

Accommodation for international parents

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