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Low-cost Surrogacy Programs In Kenya

The complete cost of surrogacy depends on two major factors. The first is the overall living cost in the country. This cost decides the compensation charged by a surrogate.

The next factor is the quality of medical care and the cost of making it available. From country to country, the cost of facilities changes, while the success rates stay majorly the same. So, it is wise to choose Kenya for IVF treatment instead of paying too much money for the same procedures in America.

At Surrogacy Agency Kenya, we provide surrogacy services with a top-quality medical facility. And that too, at a reasonable price. Plus, the lower living cost of Kenya allows us to further increase the affordability of surrogacy programs.

The costs are very affordable here in Kenya. The total cost of gestational surrogacy including all expenses is 36,000 USD this includes IVF, egg donor stimulations, delivery, housing, post-delivery support, and legal paperwork. These numbers are far more affordable than getting the same services in the United States, the UK, or any other country.

The process of paying surrogacy costs

You don’t have to pay the whole cost at once. We charge budget-friendly prices and divide it into various parts. Our fee is the minimum you can find in the industry for the same service excellence. We divide payments into manageable phases, so you can conveniently pay them without putting too much pressure on your financial condition.

We use the attained money to fulfill a variety of responsibilities. A fixed amount goes into the process of finding and selecting a surrogate. Then, the selected surrogate receives her pay. There are some legal requirements, for which, we require a small amount. Apart from that, the cost also covers the clinical fees, prenatal care, child’s delivery and completion of immigration requirements.

Why choose Surrogacy Agency Kenya?

With an increasing budget for surrogacy, couples feel more attracted to the low-cost opportunities in Kenya. However, they feel concerned about the quality of facilities and expertise of the doctors. That is when Surrogacy Agency Kenya comes into the picture. We are internationally renowned for our proven success rate and provide complete service at a budget-friendly cost.

The legal guidelines regarding surrogacy are in favor of childless couples in Kenya. This further enhances the value of our services in Kenya. Choosing our agency means that you further ensure the affordability of the whole process in Kenya. There are agencies and clinics compromising the quality of services or charging too high fees. We save you from both issues and ensure a transparent and effective surrogacy service.

When you compare our success rates with the cost, everything becomes clear. We are leading in the zone of surrogacy in every aspect.


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You can expect changes in the cost, depending on your clinical and legal requirements. To know more, you can get in touch with our representatives. We are here to answer every cost-related question. You can receive complete guidance regarding the cost of each and every service separately.

So, wait no more! You and your partner can become parents with our assistance.

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