Surrogacy laws in Cambodia

Commercial surrogacy in Cambodia thrived in 2015 given the sudden ban under Surrogacy laws in Cambodia on commercial surrogacy for foreigners by the neighboring country Thailand. Moreover, in 2016, the government of Cambodia outlawed commercial surrogacy using the nation’s anti-human trafficking laws and a hastily drafted legal directive, just as the industry was beginning to thrive in an unregulated environment.

In a move seen as a demonstration of the law’s power, the government imprisoned an Australian surrogacy broker, a Cambodian nurse, and a Cambodian administrative worker in 2017. More than 60 surrogate mothers and a few orchestrators were detained in Cambodia in 2018 and 2019 for their involvement in the industry, despite the fact that surrogacy agencies started leaving Cambodia that year.

surrogacy laws in Cambodia

What is the current status for surrogacy laws in Cambodia?

Is surrogacy legal in Cambodia

surrogacy laws in CambodiaCurrently, there are no surrogacy laws in Cambodia. So, technically, one needs to be very careful while going ahead with their child-seeking aspirations. Moreover, you must deal with a legal professional that can understand and explain every bit in regard to surrogacy laws in Cambodia.

Talking of the best legal professionals, we at surrogacy agency Kenya got some of the best surrogacy professionals on our panel. These professionals are backed by years of experience and expertise that can help you to deal with all the aspects and elements of surrogacy in Cambodia.

Cambodia surrogacy law: why you need legal guidance?

Currently, surrogacy is unregulated in Cambodia. So, a legal professional from the surrogacy agency Kenya would help you to go through your surrogacy journey in a smooth and simpler manner. On the other side, the entire process will work as follows:

Initial inquiry

You will first connect with our surrogacy coordinators who will walk you through to all the related matters and aspects of the Cambodia surrogacy law. Here, you can ask all your questions and queries you have in your mind in the same regard.

The experts will also tell you about any present surrogate mother-law in Cambodia. This way, you can stay updated and aware of any challenge that may come your way during your surrogacy journey.

Signing the surrogacy agreement

Once the intended parents are satisfied with all the updates and information, they can then start with the signing of the surrogacy agreement with our professionals. The agreement would include all the clauses, points, and details that may come fruitful for your surrogacy journey.

All these details will be right according to the existing laws for surrogacy in Cambodia. So, you need not stay concerned or worried regarding any other matter.

Getting started with the surrogacy process

Is surrogacy legal in CambodiaAs the surrogacy agreement has been signed, the intended parents can then start with the surrogacy process in their desired manner. The process would involve recruitment, screening, matching, and selection of the surrogate mother in Cambodia.

On the other side, our partner IVF clinics will help you to get through the embryo transfer procedure with utmost care and precautions. Once the surrogacy process is completed, the intended parents can then take the baby home to their country of origin.

Connect with the best legal specialists!

At our Surrogacy agency in Cambodia, we assure you of providing all the required guidance and support that you may require related to surrogacy through our International Surrogacy Program. Moreover, our legal professionals will be at your service at any given time of the day.

Also, to make it easier for you, we have our own network of partner clinics that will conduct all the required procedures and tasks to accommodate your surrogacy aspirations. Contact our surrogacy coordinators today to know how we can be of big help to your child seeking dreams

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