Surrogacy Cost in Australia

Surrogacy cost in Australia is surely one of the biggest concerns that run through the mind of most of the intended parents around. While surrogacy laws and costs mostly vary on a state-to-state basis in Australia, the cost aspect largely depends on random factors like the type of surrogacy program chosen, the cost of medical treatment, and so on.

Nevertheless, once you connect with our professionals at Surrogacy agency Kenya, you can stay assured of getting only the most affordable and ethical surrogacy options. Moreover, we hereby list down every aspect that may come crucial to the surrogacy cost in Australia.

surrogacy price in Australia

Surrogacy cost in Australia: Why there is a big variation across states?

We know that surrogacy laws vary on a state-to-state basis in Australia. Hence, the varied cost of surrogacy in Australia does make some sense. Moreover, surrogacy cost in Australia is higher for two reasons if you can do it in Western Australia.

Cost of surrogacy in Western Australia

First off, only in WA, any genetic material donor—including sperm and egg donors—must sign the contract, and that eventually increases the overall surrogacy in Australia cost.

In addition, intended parents must obtain their own legal representation and participate in counseling of some kind. Therefore, the first issue you encounter is at the start of the procedure. In addition, you’re paying not only for the legal fees of the donor but also for two attorneys: one for the intended parents and one for the surrogates. So, an additional lawyer has been hired as a result. Even though in WA initially there is usually just one counselor, additional counseling must be paid for by the intended parents.

The Reproductive Technology Council of WA, the state regulator, must approve your plan as the second prerequisite. Furthermore, you must submit your application, and a minimum three-month cooling-off period is necessary.

Cost of surrogacy in Queensland and other states

surrogacy cost in AustraliaWe must examine the situation from each state’s point of view in order to comprehend the overall structure relating to the cost of surrogacy in Australia. Additionally, two advice reports on surrogacy must be written in Queensland—one before and one after—in order to comply with the Surrogacy Act. Except for Queensland and New South Wales, the reports are typically not required anywhere. Additionally, you will typically meet with one counselor before beginning a surrogacy plan in the ACT.

In comparison to other parts of Australia, Victoria, and Western part have higher surrogacy price in Australia. To our knowledge, the Northern Territory does not permit surrogacy.

As a result, Victoria performed better than, say, New South Wales. Since there is a way to obtain another person’s consent prior to birth, even though there is no way to obtain a report after birth. Therefore, as part of the surrogacy in Australia cost, you must also pay for the opposite side’s counselor, lawyer, doctor, and lawyer in addition to obtaining regulatory approval.

As a result, you would undoubtedly have to pay more in Victoria than you would in the Eastern States. However, when it comes to low cost surrogacy in Australia, WA is a little more expensive than Victoria. Furthermore, Western Australia currently only allows heterosexual couples, single women, and lesbian couple access to surrogacy.

What aspects impact the cost of surrogacy in Australia?

Legal expenses

cost of surrogacy in Australia

Legal expenses, which include counseling and attorneys, are typically between $10,000 and $20,000 per case in Australia. Moreover, the main reason for the variation also depends on your location. For instance, certain lawyers may charge more in Sydney than they might elsewhere. However, there might be differences in the fees charged by counselors, which will ultimately affect how much surrogacy costs in your region.

Furthermore, you might need to see different counselors. Besides, you will typically only meet with one counselor in Tasmania and South Australia. On the other hand, you will have three if you travel to Sydney or are in New South Wales. However, many experts claims that you’ll have four. And the reason for that is that in New South Wales, you have to consult with a counselor before signing your surrogacy contract.

A counselor should be seen by you as well after giving birth. That being said, the Supreme Court of New South Wales must get some kind of independent assessment report stating that your baby is doing well after the surrogate and her partner have undergone relinquishment counseling.

IVF treatment cost

The number of IVF cycles attempted will also impact the surrogacy in Australia cost. If pregnancy is not achieved within the first cycle, the fertility experts will conduct extra IVF cycles.

Medical expenses

Apart from the legal expenses and IVF cost, the medicinal cost incurred towards the entire surrogacy process will also be taken into count. This would include the medicines used for surrogate care and medical support.

Other expenses

Other expenses include the agency fees, the cost of surrogate accommodation, clothing, and logistics. Moreover, you can consult our coordinators to know more about our reasonably priced surrogacy programs.

How to get the most affordable surrogacy plan in Australia?

The costs of surrogacy in Australia are influenced by a wide range of factors, but we at Surrogacy agency Kenya will simplify them with the help of our qualified experts. As a result, you can proceed with your parenthood dreams without thinking much about financial constraints with the leading surrogacy agency. We offer affordable low cost surrogacy in Australia.

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