Surrogacy Cost in China

Are you interested in Surrogacy in China but can’t go any further given lack of information regarding surrogacy costs in China? Well, you need not worry as here at Surrogacy agency Kenya, we will help you make an informed decision regarding surrogacy at your preferred destination.

As far as the surrogacy cost in china is concerned, it constitutes several components like agency fees, IVF treatment costs, egg or sperm donor costs, and so on.

surrogacy cost in China

Key components of surrogacy cost in China

The cost of surrogacy in china is usually on the higher side, given the current ban on any kind of surrogacy arrangements within the country.

In determining what constitutes surrogacy expenses, there is a broad list to analyze about. Still, it is obvious that having a baby for someone else can have a big impact, and the surrogate may be compensated for costs like:-

  • loss of earnings (or earnings from partners)
  • medical costs or supplies
  • particular foods or supplements
  • additional childcare or domestic assistance during pregnancy or after delivery
  • support for the pregnancy through classes or therapies
  • Travel or lodging connected with the pregnancy
  • maternity wear
  • IVF treatment costs

Apart from these, if you have hired an egg donor or a sperm donor, the same surrogacy in china cost would go higher. Besides, if fertility specialists have to conduct more than one IVF cycle to achieve conception, this cost would be more than the average cost.

Still, given the ban on surrogacy in china, we would recommend you go to other destinations like the UK, USA, Kenya, and Ukraine.

Can Chinese parents opt for International surrogacy abroad?

low cost surrogacy in ChinaSince it might be simpler to find a surrogate abroad, many intended parents from china choose to pursue commercial surrogacy arrangements, particularly in the US. The cost of surrogacy abroad can range widely, from $35,000 to more than $100,000.

Moreover, it is unlikely that a judge will decide that the costs associated with commercial surrogacy qualify as “reasonable expenses.” Besides, it is generally evident that these surrogates are being paid for their services rather than being compensated for out-of-pocket costs like lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses.

Does this imply that if you used a foreign commercial surrogate, the surrogacy cost in China would be higher? It would we must say!

How much does the cost of surrogacy in china?

A standard surrogacy program in china would make you pay between $40000 and $50000. Technically, it is way lower in comparison to other destinations like US and UK.

Still, given the ban on surrogacy in china, the question related to how much surrogacy costs in china doesn’t hold much relevance.

surrogacy price in ChinaBesides, if you pursue surrogacy abroad, bringing the back child to your native country may make you face some legal challenges in front of the court. Again, there is no explicit guidance in the law regarding what payments can and will be approved retrospectively by the local court in terms of surrogacy cost China.

In actuality, the child has already been born and is residing with the intended parents by the time the case is before a judge. Most of the time, the judge will make every effort to authorize expenses and issue a parental order because they genuinely want to restore the family’s normalcy.

If you decide to engage in international surrogacy, use a reputable agency and keep detailed records of all payments made and the services they are related to. It’s critical to start out on the right foot by being upfront and honest.

Why choose Surrogacy agency Kenya?

We at Surrogacy agency Kenya can help you in obtaining the best and most preferred surrogacy options in your preferred country. We will also guide you regarding your options for low cost surrogacy in China.

Even if you don’t like china as your preferred surrogacy destination, we can help you with surrogacy programs in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Ukraine, Kenya, India, Dubai, Thailand, and Australia.

Moreover, we have a huge network of partner IVF clinics and donor agencies in these countries to help you during every step of your surrogacy journey.

So, you need not worry about the cheaper surrogacy price in china as there are other countries like Kenya and Ukraine that do offer low-cost surrogacy options. Contact our surrogacy coordinators for more information and we will take it further from there!

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