Gay surrogacy in Cambodia

Gay Surrogacy in Cambodia has never found its existence in the first place given the unregulated nature of surrogacy here. Still, with the help and support of our surrogacy experts, you can proceed with your surrogacy plans in the desired manner.

As you kick start your journey towards surrogacy for same sex couples in Cambodia, you first need to make the required surrogate mother selection. Well, being an intended parent, you may like to go through the entire process on your own.

Still, given the list of challenges and complications in the procedure, we would recommend you consult with our professionals beforehand.

gay surrogacy in Cambodia

Surrogacy for Gay couples in Cambodia: getting started!

As you connect with our surrogacy experts, they will take you through the entire procedures that may come helpful for your surrogacy journey.

same sex surrogacy in CambodiaDuring the conversation, we will make you understand the legal complications that may come your way during surrogacy for LGBT couples in Cambodia.

While the current government has criminalized surrogacy, quoting it as an act to support human trafficking, there are still no surrogacy laws in the country. So, with the help and support of our surrogacy professionals, you can go by your dreams and ambitions in the same regard.

Selecting the surrogate mother in Cambodia

same sex surrogacy in CambodiaOnce done, you will make the required selection for the surrogate mother in Cambodia. While you can make this selection on your own, that would take some big effort and time from your end. So, to keep it simple, you can make a selection from our available database of surrogate mothers in Cambodia.

After you make the selection, the surrogate would undergo the required mental and physical assessment. This would be necessary in order to confirm her eligibility as an appropriate surrogate mother.

Making the egg or sperm donor selection

As you made the desired selection for the surrogate mother, the next step is to select the desired egg or sperm donor. Right like you picked the surrogate mother, you can further choose to form the available donor profiles in our database.

Once picked, the same donors would undergo the required medical assessment to ensure their eligibility for the IVF treatment process.

Drafting the surrogacy agreement

As you proceed with Gay Surrogacy in Cambodia, the following step would be to draft and sign a surrogacy agreement. The agreement would include all the key details regarding the roles and responsibilities of every party involved.

Moreover, it would also include details regarding who will provide their gametes for the IVF process, the cost of same sex surrogacy in Cambodia, and so on.

surrogacy for gay couple Cambodia

The final step: Embryo transfer and childbirth

Once finished with all the required formalities of same sex surrogacy in Cambodia, the embryo transfer process will be carried out by our partner IVF clinics in Cambodia. As the process would require a donor and the surrogate, the intended parents must be mentally prepared to bear the extended expenses in the same regard.

After the child is born, our professionals at Surrogacy agency in Cambodia will help you in obtaining parental custody of the child. Once through, the intended parents are free to travel with their baby to their home country.

How Surrogacy Agency Kenya can make it all happen for you?

Surrogacy agency Kenya will help you in easing up your surrogacy journey during Gay surrogacy in Cambodia. With our years of experience and expertise, we can accommodate all the required procedures in the simplest manner possible.

So, even if you are pursuing a highly complicated Gay surrogacy in Cambodia, you won’t have to witness any legal issues or challenges on your way through!

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