Surrogate Mother in Cambodia

A gestational surrogate or surrogate mother in Cambodia is required by intended parents to bear their child on the course of their surrogacy journey. The same surrogate mother nurtures the baby in her womb to term and realizes the most awaited wish of the intended parents.

Hence, we can say that a surrogate in Cambodia is undoubtedly the key part of any surrogacy program over there. So, one really needs to take all the precautions and care while making their selection. That said we always go by our predefined criterion to select the most appropriate surrogate mother for your child-seeking ambitions.

surrogate mother cost in Cambodia

A surrogate mother in Cambodia: The selection process!

Choosing to use a surrogate is not a simple or casual decision. Therefore, we want to create a strong relationship of trust between the intended parents and the surrogate so that the journey is straightforward and comfortable for you.

surrogate mothers in CambodiaOur surrogate mother pool includes candidates with legally valid consent forms, highly proven fertility, and a complete, experienced family background. Moreover, the surrogate mother is prepared to go through additional thorough screening with the help and support of our partner IVF clinics.

The intended parent is given a list of potential surrogates to choose from after making an appointment. When a match between the intended parents and the surrogate mother you chose has been made, we conduct screenings like:

  • Blood tests, ultrasounds, screening of the entire medical history, surgeries, and family medical history
  • Ensuring that the surrogate mothers in Cambodia are in good health and qualified to carry the embryo inside their uterus.

Before processing the surrogacy procedure, we further ensure that all legal formalities are completed in the presence of a legal advisor.

Eligibility criteria for surrogate mothers in Cambodia

surrogate mother in CambodiaWe always ensure the selection of the most appropriate surrogate for your respective surrogacy requirements. That said, the surrogate mother needs to be:

  • Between the ages of 22 and 33 years old, and she is in good physical and mental health.
  • Has a history of successful pregnancies
  • Is supported by her husband and has one healthy child of her own. She became pregnant and gave birth two years ago.
  • She does not use drugs, drinks alcohol, chew tobacco, or smoke.
  • Well aware of the surrogacy procedures and willing to support in the same manner

The screening process for surrogate mothers in Cambodia

Surrogate’s Background Check: Our legal professionals conduct thorough background checks, and their name, proof of address, date of birth, marital status, bank account information, number of children, etc. are verified and collected.

General health examination: Surrogates are examined for any potential health issues or any chronic illnesses in the past

Medical Screening: All surrogates receive thorough counseling outlining all potential pregnancy-related complications. They receive in-depth medical advice from our fertility specialists and participate in a range of diagnostic procedures like an ECG, a chest X-ray, a hormone profile, a pelvic examination, etc.

surrogate in CambodiaLegal Advice: A lawyer is provided to ensure that the surrogate and her husband fully comprehend the Surrogacy Contract in either the English or the language of their choice.

Terms of Payment: The surrogate and her husband are fully informed of all financial matters related to the surrogate mother cost in Cambodia. Payments are deposited into the surrogate mother’s bank account in accordance with the accomplishment of each milestone of the surrogacy process. All payments in regard to the cost of a surrogate in Cambodia are made in the surrogate’s name and made directly to her.

Psychological Screening: A thorough psychological evaluation is conducted to determine whether the surrogate mother is emotionally and mentally capable of completing the entire process up until the delivery of the baby.

Partner screening: In the event that the surrogate mother in Cambodia has a sexual partner, he may also be required to submit to blood tests to be screened for STIs.

How do we ensure the best candidate for your surrogacy journey?

We are a leading Surrogacy agency in Cambodia, our founder is a former IP so we understand the importance of a well-vetted and screened surrogate mother in Cambodia. Hence, you can trust us to take you through your surrogacy journey in the most convenient manner possible.

Simply connect over with our surrogacy coordinators over a call or email and we will take it further from there!

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